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The cure of the future available today

Most hospital treatments are designed to treat the symptoms instead of the cause of the sickness. If you have cancer they suggest surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. If you have aids they say there is no cure, but they can keep you alive if you take very expensive pharmaceutical drugs.

Dr Hulda Clark on the other hand has been looking for the cause of illnesses. Her decades of research have led to amazing discoveries of what is really causing most of today’s sicknesses. She also found out that the cure is simple and affordable.

After using Dr. Hulda Clark’s protocol for many years on ourselves, relatives and friends, we were totally convinced that this type of healing was superior to many types of conventional hospital treatments.

So why is Hulda Clark’s protocol not yet implemented in most hospitals? The answer is simple, the medical profession have never been taught about it in medical schools, and the pharmaceutical industry has for many years tried to discredit Hulda Clark’s research. The reason is obvious, her discoveries have the potential to severely reduce their profit.


It is easy to find self proclaimed experts that come up with all sorts of reasons why Hulda Clark's findings do not work. To make their claims more believable they refer to other people's negative opinions instead of facts. Nobody has performed any test which disproves Hulda Clark's findings. For those of us who have meticulously studied and used her protocol the result is clear: It works and there are many advantages.

There are probably other good alternative treatments available for cancer and HIV/AIDS. But so far we have not come across anything that is even close to Dr Hulda Clark’s discoveries. It is clearly a front runner and will be hard to beat.

We have recently published a book on our own research which builds on Hulda Clarke's findings. It is available here.

Since the people that have been entrusted in providing the best possible health care have failed, we decided to make sure that this in many ways superior and affordable alternative health care will be available to as many people as possible around the world. Continue reading...


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